Posted by: GeekHiker | September 9, 2009

That Dark Patch Of Sky

Just a little something to share tonight.

This is a pretty interesting video, in a geeky kind of way.  It’s an assembly of Hubble images, taken from when the telescope was pointed at a patch of sky that looks empty from Earth, and rendered in 3D.

Incidentally, the red-shift discovery made by Hubble mentioned in the video?  He made that discovery up at Mt. Wilson.  The observatory, as I write this, appears to have been spared from the Station Fire.

It makes me wonder what it would be like if we could, in fact, travel between the stars and galaxies at incredible speeds, a la Star Trek, just like it shows in the video.

And it’s a reminder that, really, it’s pretty unlikely that we’re alone in the Universe.

I highly recommend watching the HD version.




  1. No, we are soooo not alone in the Universe. I used to fantasize about being abducted by aliens just so I could see another planet (until I realized that it’s no fun being experimented on, or worse, being taken as slaves!). Now I just want to be Doctor Who’s companion, go in the TARDIS, fly back in time, or forward to the very end of universe.

    But of course, the “aliens” might possibly be as low-tech as viruses, germs, and worms. It’s fun to romanticize the unknown, nonetheless.

    Thanks for sharing — great clear video and the ethereal music gives a nice touch!

  2. I like Star Trek but I’m grateful that I don’t have to wear a tight pantsuit. yikes!

    I like images of space. It’s soothing in some respects. I would love to go sail in space just to see where the edge of it would be. As long as I could teleport home to Family Dinner Night. 🙂

  3. I was never a space nut. I think it has the same effect on me as being out on the open sea with no land in sight. It’s terrifying. And I’m sure there are space sharks waiting to sneak up on me.

  4. Stuff like this makes my head explode…

    Do you ever watch “The Universe” on the History Channel? That show makes my head explode as well. One episode talked about parallel universes, and basically proved that they exist. Either the universe has limits, and if that’s true, then there must be something beyond those limits, or the universe doesn’t have limits, and if it’s limitless, it’s mathematically impossible for there not to be another planet similar to ours. Crazy!

  5. I used to think the universe was full of intelligent life. Then I discovered the Fermi Paradox. The more I think about it the lonelier the universe feels. Of course, the Fermi Paradox doesn’t exclude the existence of life, just the existence of live capable of interstellar flight.

    This belief doesn’t stop me from being a sci-fi fanatic though. In my head, life is everywhere.

  6. That’s amazing! Pretty humbling too.

  7. That’s freaking awesome!

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