Posted by: GeekHiker | December 21, 2009

Friday Sillyness: Tauntaun Style

(So, I’d been pondering why this post didn’t get any comments.  Then I looked tonight and found out that I’d drafted it, but never actually clicked on “Publish” last Friday.


So here it is today.  Light blogging over the next week or so as traveling ensues…)

Okay, so I’m not saying that I’d actually want this for Christmas.  After all, it’s for indoor use only, so I couldn’t use it camping.

I am, if nothing else, practical.

Still, how freakishly, geekily, aweseomely cool is this for a guy like me?


I mean, seriously, for the Star Wars geek in your life, what’s not to love about this gem from the folks over at ThinkGeek?  It’s a full size sleeping bag with a Tauntaun head for a pillow!  Heck, the zipper pull is even a lightsaber!


It’s all warm and cozy inside, just right to save a friend’s life from the frigid Hoth night.  That blue stuff?  Look close: tauntaun guts.


Now, of course, if I had my druthers, mine would come with the cute girl inside, too…


You can find all the info you’ll ever need here.  Even better, there’s a whole history behind the bag here (complete with vids).  And even better than all THAT, its been mentioned in the New York Times, so it’s got some serious journalistic cred behind it too.

Heck, after writing this post, I’m starting to hope they’ll fill one with down next year, make it more compressible, and give it a stuff sack so I can take it camping in the Sierras.

Now, THAT would be the true culmination of “geek” and “hiker”…



  1. can you put your arm in tauntaun’s arm? i’m actually not sure what a tauntaun is, but from the “lightsaber” comment, i’m assuming it’s star wars …

    speaking of interesting sleeping bags, have you seen this one:

  2. I’m more of a Star Trek fan myself. 🙂 But I appreciate your geeky excitement. It is a well-thought out sleeping bag of geektasticness! I think I like the guts on the inside the best, which I NEVER thought I would hear myself say.

  3. nevermind! i do know what a tauntaun is! i just didn’t know that it was called a tauntaun. the sleeping bag i sent you still remains funny, despite my memory loss about tauntauns

  4. i seriously don’t know what a tauntaun is. it looks kinda cool. but if you took it out on a hike then maybe some mountain lion would mistake you for a predator – hehe.

  5. Brilliant. If only you could use it for survival in the snow like Luke did.

  6. Shouldn’t it be filled with guts instead of down?

  7. I saw that in the news and I paused, rewind and played it like… 400 times. Seriously. It’s awesome.

  8. Seine – I don’t know, but it would be really cool if you could. I like that bag! Easier to run away from the bear! (Kidding!)

    MissMcCracken – LOL, I was more into ST when I was younger. And, yes, guts in a sleeping bag is AWESOME!

    Seine – Don’t worry, I’ll overlook the temporary memory loss. It’s probably just a result of eating Christmas goodies

    BlakSpring – if we ever meet, I must educate you in all things Star Wars

    Mel Heth – True. And how cool would having a SnowSpeeder be?

    Homer-Dog – True. Having two legs and arms would be good too…

    Narami – LOL, it is pretty awesome. Be sure to check out their site for more vids, too!

  9. Haha I saw that– too cool!

  10. Oh man … that’s way cool!! I’ll have to think about getting it for my grand-daughter next year … she loves Star Wars!!

  11. I think I would have to blog breakup with you if you got this.

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