Posted by: GeekHiker | January 15, 2010

Gift Giving

Now, normally I’m not the type to brag about the gifts I give people.  I have, however, decided to make an exception here.

See, sometimes there’s someone in your life that is just that special.  Some that’s faithful, loyal, and true.  Someone’s who’s always there for you, who always has your back.  Someone who, even when you make a wrong turn in your relationship and end up on the rough road by mistake, always brings you back to the smoother path.  A friend who just never lets you down, who gives of themselves and asks for little in return.

With someone like that, it’s always good to give back and buy them something nice to show your appreciation.  And so it was that today…

Truck Bling

I bought my girl a brand new set of tires.

Damn fine lookin, eh?



  1. Wow! I should buy a set for the Wife. She’d really appreciate them.

  2. I am laughing. 🙂 I was totally set up for something else. Very nice tires, deario. I may have to buy some for my car next winter 🙂

  3. LOL – cool, I see elephants in the middle !!

  4. HA – I do too!!!

  5. Hahha, Nice!

  6. Hahaha that picture was so huge when I clicked “Read More” that it almost made me jump! I wish I shared your attitude about tire buying…I was really sad when I got my new ones last month…I would have rather spent the money on a vacation!

  7. Nice tread. Thats hot.

  8. They look just like the tires of my Sandy :o) Cute.

  9. What kind of truck do you have? That’s HOTT!

  10. this reminded me to check the air pressure on mine. i think they’re a bit low.

  11. Geez, man, why ARE you single?

  12. Homer-Dog – Good idea, but would they fit on her car?

    MissMcCracken – Heh, glad the bait-and-switch worked!

    Dobegil – LOL, now I do too!

    Homer-Dog – Hah!

    TGAW – Thanks!

    MelHeth – True, but the truck goes a few more places than your car does…

    CMACC – She does look sexy, doesn’t she?

    Narami – Maybe they’re siblings?

    K – Heh, glad to know you think she looks good!

    BlakSpring – Well, my public services are just a side benefit.

    AbsurdBeats – I dunno. I mean, if I treat my truck this good, imagine how I’d treat a woman?

  13. That tire picture is awesome! I never thought I would find a wheel so appealing but there it is!

  14. I think we all should post a picture of our tires and say what we see in the tread … lol … I know, I have way too much time on my hands … especially now!!

  15. My Dad (may he RIP) always said the 3 most important items to spend your money wisely on and not be frugal are: tires, shoes and mattresses!
    You spend most of your time driving, on your feet or in bed!
    I say good job! I hope she appreciated them I know I would!!

  16. Really Appreciate this post, is there any way I can get an update sent in an email when you make a new article?

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