Posted by: GeekHiker | February 21, 2011

Weird Monday

Not this Monday.  No, today is one of the few actual holidays I have from work.

Want to have a weird Monday?  Try mine, a couple of weeks back, when WordPress elected to put one of my posts on their “Freshly Pressed” front page.

My first thought?  “Damn, I should’a spent more time editing that one…”

I’ll admit, it made for a really strange day for me.  I’m not really the type that looks at my stats all that much, but with comments flooding in, I couldn’t help myself: I found myself checking the blog stats all day.

And believe me, it totally threw those stats completely out of whack:

Click to embiggin

It was the weirdest feeling.

For all the years I’ve been doing this, I don’t have a huge readership, and I’m fine with that.  I have my little group of core readers, my friends, who comment regularly, and that’s cool.  Every so often, someone new shows up and stays, and every so often, someone disappears into the ether.  So life goes on.

So it was weird to suddenly have fifty people commenting on my little post: cool to be momentarily popular, yet weird because it felt like a whole crowd just showed up and a spotlight was put on me.

In the words of the eloquent poet Keanu Reeves: whoa.

And it left me with all these questions, like: do I have to start reading an extra fifty blogs on a regular basis (as if I have the time)?  I usually reply to all my comments but, whoa, fifty?  How does this work?  Gah!

Still, traffic seems to have settled down to normal (helped, no doubt, by the fact that I’m still not blogging on a truly regular basis).  And a couple of people seem to have decided to stick around, which is pretty cool.

Does make me wonder, though: was that my fifteen minutes?



  1. I subscribe thru greader…..wonder what this does to your stats? [esp since w/ the reader, I am much less likely to comment =/]

  2. @m — I don’t think greader stats show up as blog hits because the content is pulled into the feed and so the server doesn’t actually log a visit to the site. I have noticed that to be the case with Blogger blogs at least. Not entirely sure about WordPress but possibly.

    • I noticed that to be true when I had my blog on TypePad. I’m not sure if it’s also true on WordPress or not. I keep track of the blogs I read in Google Reader, but I always click on the link to the actual blog site to read it so that people will get the hit on their stats (and so I’ll be more likely to comment.) 🙂

  3. Bask in the glow of momentary fame and then move along. I used to check my stats every day but not anymore.

    As for this being your 15 minutes, I doubt it. You have great things ahead of you.

  4. Who says good things often happen when you least expect it? 🙂

  5. “Fame” is ethereal, enjoy it while you still can… and await the next bout.

  6. Hahaha the great poet Keanu. Nice.

    I was wondering how you had such a flurry of activity that day! It’s sad that we have to feel like in order to get more visitors we have to spend time reading 50 other people’s blogs. I know I’d like to just think my content is interesting enough to attract readers on its own… But I guess I’ll just keep on reading my little handful and hope they continue to read me.

    I think your real 15 minutes is yet to come!

  7. Wow!!! That’s a nice spike! Congrats!!!

  8. I found your blog via Fleshly Pressed. I’m still following your blog.

  9. No way Geekhiker,
    Your fifteen minutes are going to occur on a mountaintop, where the air is beautiful and you feel like you’ve just accomplished something amazing.
    It won’t be fifteen minutes, it’ll be way longer and hopefully you’ll be wearing a cape at the top of that mountain to truly capture the moment.
    I look forward to reading about that.


  10. Keanu is wise beyond his years.

  11. I agree with everyone here 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog because you write with feeling. I can connect with what you’re saying. I also like reading about your hiking adventures. I feel like I’m out there in the fresh air with you, while I’m really at work. 🙂

  12. Haha I’m loving that ‘Whoa’ quote. I mean, what cooler thing to be known for, huh?

    And I think perhaps being Freshly Pressed is more of a 5 minutes of fame deal, so you’ve got another 10 minutes owing to you some time in the future 🙂

  13. aah, so that’s the mystery solved. i didn’t think you were the type to take out a billboard. i guess that was your 15 minutes but the beauty of the internet age is that you can have multiple 15 minutes if you feel like re-inventing yourself 🙂

  14. You simply caught a big wave; just keep surfin’ until the next one.

  15. Hey GH! I’ve been MIA awhile but wanted to check in on you and the rest of the blogging world. I don’t think that was your 15 though, you will have way more than just 15!

  16. M – I don’t know… will have to research…

    Spleeness – According to WP “GoogleBot and other search engine spiders” are not counted. So I guess that answers that.

    Riggledo – I do the same, though I’ll often click on the link through reader to comment, so I guess I register a hit on most blogs I read…

    Homer-Dog – Yeah, I basked for about a day!

    SkyblueStateOfMind – Okay, I give: who? 😉

    Gany – It was an interesting experience if nothing else!

    Mel Heth – So, um, are you saying that you only read me so that I’ll continue to read you?

    TGAW – Yeah, it did throw off the stats a bit!

    Diem – Cool!

    WanderingMenace – Heh, hopefully not because I got hit by lightning up there and made the news the next day! LOL A cape, huh?

    Hmanitarikim – Ah, but is Keanu wise, or the writers behind his characters’ dialogue?

    MissMcCracken – Heh, shame all I seem to write about any more is studying, huh?

    LeafProbably – I like the 5 minutes of fame idea. As for the tag, well, you know about that: gah!

    BlakSpring – No, it was a random selection, totally out of my hands. So Warhol was wrong, now that the internet is upon us?

    AbsurdBeats – Oddly enough for someone in Southern California, I actually don’t surf…

    Ruby – Ruby! How the heck have you been???

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