Posted by: GeekHiker | March 6, 2011


No, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the Earth.  Not kidnapped by aliens, didn’t win the lottery, didn’t let the “fame” of the big post go to my head, and didn’t elope to Vegas for an Elvis wedding with a Hollywood starlet.  The explanation for the recent quiet-tude is much, much simpler: the second half of this class is, frankly, kicking my ass.

I spent all day Saturday this weekend studying.  Chapter 5.  Yes, that’s right, all day just for one chapter.  All 75 pages of it.  All. Damn. Day.

Even worse, it was a gorgeous, spring-like day outside on Saturday.  Blue skies, light breeze, the whole bit.  And I stared at a computer screen for all of it.

Except when I went out for lunch.  Where I had a salad that was, well… let’s just say it was a less satisfactory dining experience than I’d hoped for.  On the plus side, I knew they had washed the lettuce: I poured (no exaggeration) a quarter cup of water out of the salad into the dressing cup.


Keep in mind, of course, that I’ve also been studying most nights after work: reading, doing lab exercises, etc.  By the end of the day Saturday, my brain was well and truly fried.  By the time I put down my pen and closed my notebook at around 6:30, I crawled to the couch and ordered a pizza.  My brain felt like a scrambled egg of computer information.  Logical thought went out the window.  My eyes glazed over.

There may have been drool involved.

Today, outside wasn’t nearly so nice as yesterday: the leading edge of a storm system was passing over.  I thought about going on a hike, which I’ve managed to do for the last couple of weekends (and from which I hope to post pictures (they’re repeat hikes, so no trail write-ups, but you know I couldn’t go without my camera)).  The mixture of (mostly) clouds and (very little) sun, coupled with a strong desire not to get on the freeway, motivated me to be unmotivated and stay at home.  I figured I’d relax, do some fun reading, let the brain chill.

Heck, maybe I’d even get to look at the growing stack of unread magazines on the coffee table.

Unfortunately, whether it’s the desire to get ahead or the fear that I’m getting behind, I ended up going back to the book.  To study Chapter 6.

I’d love to say that it’s because I’m keeping some lofty goal in mind about furthering my life and career that’s pushing me but, realistically, I think I just want to get through it so maybe I’ll have a night or two free this week.


At least it was only a thirty page chapter…



  1. I have to admit, I don’t know how to study like this anymore! Taking a break is always a good idea, with or without hiking (I know the feeling of not wanting to bother and the need to just NOT do anything, but sometimes, if you push yourself to get out even if you feel reluctant, you will be surprised how that revives your spirit). Anyway, hang in there — we are all thinking good thoughts for ya!

  2. Sir, you need a study schedule that allows you to chillax every so often. I fondly remember studying from 9am-5pm when I was in grad school and unemployed. It’s good to just take fifteen minutes to space out and relax, and definitely take a lunch break. You’ll retain more information if you let yourself have short breaks to process.

    On a nerdier note, I used to make my own quizzes while I was studying. Either later that evening or the next day, I’d take my own quiz so I could see how much knowledge I retained! 🙂 It may help you!

  3. Phew, I’m glad I’m taking a break from study. This post has reminded me of exactly why I hate is so much!!!

  4. I can hear hiking boots crying somewhere in the distance.

    Godspeed to you my studying friend.

  5. Not sure I could study like that anymore …. wait, that would require me to have studied like that sometime in the past. I don’t think I could ever study like that period.

    I suggest you listen to you body, smell for brain smoke every now and then, and get outside to air out the ol’ noggin when necessary. As Missy McCracken said, you need time to allow your brain to encode the new knowledge so you can retain it.

    If you don’t you may end up like me and forget an entire concert.

  6. But you weren’t kidnapped by aliens? I was counting on that one. 😀

    Please survive this, is all I’m going to ask.

  7. SkyBlueStateOfMind – Yeah, I know I need to push myself. Unfortunately, that knowledge always seems to run up against my knowledge of the 10, the 101, the 405, the 110…

    MissMcCracken – Well, for the moment, I spend my 9-5 working! And obviously, I’ll take a lunch break… just wish the lunch had been a bit, er, “drier”…

    LeafProbably – Now, you’ve just made me jealous!

    MelHeth – No, that wasn’t my boots, just me!

    BruceH – I’m not sure how I’m managing it now! Yeah, someday I’ll be out from under all this studying and back out in the fresh air… someday…

    Narami – Actually, that might be better than studying! I think I’ll survive though.

  8. I’ve sorta disappeared but I don’t have the studying excuse! 😛

  9. don’t you wish you could clone yourself and the clone could do the stydying? i dream of this whenever i vacuum.

  10. uum, i meant studying. i think i need a clone to spell for me.

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