Posted by: GeekHiker | March 10, 2011

Winter Hike Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with an urge to do the Mishe Mokwa/Sandstone Peak hike.  I’d blogged about the hike before, so I left the GPS at home but, well, you know me: I couldn’t head out without my camera.

Now that I’ve looked at the old write-up, though, I realized it was one of my early efforts: no pictures, no topo graph, etc.  At some point I suppose I’ll have to re-do the whole thing, if for no other reason than it’s bugging me now.

For the moment, though, I’ll just be sharing the pictures.  It had rained the night before, so there was water everywhere, a very muddy trail, crystal clear skies, and snow on the nearby mountain peaks.

Awesome, no?

Miche Mokwa 01
Looking out towards distant Santa Barbara Island from the trail

Miche Mokwa 02
Looking down the canyon the Mishe Mokwa trail descends in to, snow-capped mountains to the West

Miche Mokwa 03
Closer view of the previous photo; peaks of the San Gabriels

Miche Mokwa 04
Normally dry and dusty trail with muddy boot-prints

Miche Mokwa 05
Rushing creek near Split Rock

Miche Mokwa 06
Usually dry, this creek was flowing steadily as one leaves the canyon and heads towards Sandstone Peak. These waters are part of the headwaters of Malibu Creek, which will cut 12 miles through the Santa Monica Mountains before reaching the sea.

Miche Mokwa 07
Looking west towards the Channel Islands: Anacapa Island and Santa Cruz Island

Miche Mokwa Photomerge 01
Panoramic arc to the north: Channel Islands are on the left, then the Oxnard Plain and Thousand Oaks area on the right

Miche Mokwa Photomerge 02
Panoramic view south (towards Los Angeles, hidden by nearer peaks): Snow-capped San Gabriels on the left, Santa Monica Bay on the right

Follow the link at the top of this post to take this journey yourself.  🙂



  1. It’s so beautiful…I really have no other words than “It’s so beautiful!”

    Glad you got out!

  2. Great photos!!

  3. “Awesome, no?”


    Thank you for your amazing photos… i live vicariously through your blog!

  4. If I remember right I first met you … figuratively … while researching this hike. Your writeup was very useful if I recall correctly.

    When I went it was very hot and very dry and I think I over did it. Ran out of water before I got back to the car. Despite that I really like the hike. Glad you could get out and enjoy.

  5. Your pictures never ever disappoint. Gorgeous. I probably should have hired you to be our wedding photographer… 😉

  6. That looks gorgeous. Makes it feel like summer.

  7. Gorgeous pics.

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  9. Great shots. Clear days like that are such a treat when you can get up to a nice vista point.

  10. LOVE the photos, they are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe some of your best, what an incredible set!

  11. Everyone else is right: beautiful!

    Two questions (and a preface): 1. This all looks quite green; is it usually lush, or is it more hardy-scrub? 2. If it’s not usually so green/wet, do you like the change, or is it disconcerting?

  12. Wow this looks like an amazing hike!

  13. beautiful as always. the clouds, especially breathtaking.

  14. I randomly Googled for the Brawny man, and came across your blog. These pictures are beautiful. The panoramic view to the north is gorgeous.

  15. MissMcCracken – Glad you like them!

    Diem – Thanks!

    Piper – Well, I don’t know where you’re at, but hopefully you can stop living vicariously and get out on the trail yourself!

    Bruce H – I think I remember that! It is a really nice loop, lots of variety!

    Mel Heth – Nah, photographers never get to see the ceremony. I’ll settle for a date with one of your cute single friends.

    Narami – Really? With all the snow up there?

    JustAGirl15 – Thanks!

    Vicky – It was (well, until the clouds rolled in!)

    HunnerWoof – You have no idea how often I want to take off the day from work on days like that…

    Spleeness – Thanks! I don’t think these are my best, though. It’s been a while since I’ve really “concentrated” on my photography…

    AbsurdBeats – No, California is on a Meditteranean climate, so it’ll be green through May or June, then dry up and turn brown (or golden, hence “Golden State”). As for myself, I’m a native Californian, so the change is what I’m accustomed to. Hmmm… this might make for a good post…

    LeafProbably – It was. I really should update the old post…

    BlakSpring – We don’t get cold weather clouds hear much, so I love when I can shoot them against a bright blue sky.

    Lauren – Thanks! Would you believe most of my hits come from that post? 🙂

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