Posted by: GeekHiker | July 12, 2011

Suddenly: Change

No long-winded, poetic writing this time.  Let’s keep it simple.

Life is about to change.  Specifically, mine.

And with it, the very nature of this blog must change as well.

Long-time readers may have noticed that I’ve stepped back in the past couple of years, withdrawn into my shell, leaving behind the personal posts in favor of posts about hiking, studying, and the like.  The time has finally come, I think, to return to the more personal blog.  And more, I hope.

To fully tell describe what’s happening, though, I’ve come to realize I need to step back in time a bit.

I picked this journal up as a freebie somewhere and started writing in it about a year-and-a-half ago.  This in-and-of-itself is odd because I find handwriting to be slow and tedious (and often painful), but I found myself writing anyway.  I’ll be typing up my entries from that period, and adding some “benefit of hindsight” thoughts, over the next couple of weeks.  For a short period, the blog will be very personal again.

If the personal stuff bores you, don’t worry, the blog will then be changing again.

I’ve decided to look outward, and may be turning to some of you for help.

I’ve decided to stay anonymous online, because it helps me stay at that point where I feel I can talk about anything and everything, but at the same time I’ve decided that I want to, whenever possible, meet some of the fascinating people that read this little blog.  Of course, meeting means the loss of anonymity, and I think I’m okay with that too.  (Though, in point of fact, I actually kinda like the nickname “GH”.  Go figure.)

I’ve decided… well, not much beyond that really.  Which is both exciting and somewhat terrifying.  Which may be why I’m feeling so coy as I type this tonight.

See, today, July 12th, 2011, is a turning point.  Maybe the turning point.

Today is the day that I was let go from my job.

Then again, that’s really just one thread of many that are coalescing right now.

That’s where the real story lies.

Grab a seat.  This should be interesting.



  1. do you like dogs?
    i know a place that is hiring
    the pay probably isn’t anywhere near what you’re used to…
    but it’s a job… with dogs… and it’s mostly outdoors…


    • Wow, that is so awesome of you to offer! Not quite the plan of the moment, but thanks for keeping an eye out for me!

      • =]

  2. They let you go? Well, that frikkin sucks. Stupid employers. But now you have a world of possibilities. I’m excited to hear more about what you’re thinking and planning! *Big Hugs*

    • Well… sort of. It’ll all become more clear over the next few weeks.

  3. Here’s hoping that this leads to better things. Looking forward to reading more.

    • I’m hoping so to. Seriously, you have NO idea how much! 🙂

  4. You are free, indeed! What a surprise and also what an excellent opportunity for change … I can’t wait to read what your next chapter of life will be! Luv ya, Man!! Big Hugs!!

    • Thanks for the support, I need it!

  5. I find the sentence “that’s really just one thread of many that are coalescing right now” intriguing (esp. remembering your earlier posts regarding decisions and such)… While I am sad that you lost your job, I have a feeling that this might just be the push (or kick, if you will) that you have long needed to get out and do what you’ve always wanted deep down: move away from LA, travel, doing stuff that you actually love/enjoy (most of the time), and more… If you have enough savings, take some time to recharge before dashing off to find another job, because, heck, you probably don’t really need a job as you knew it but a career/passion that you didn’t have the chance (or the courage, or the freedom) to explore before (I know, it’s easy for me to say, but I truly believe that). I hope the many “threads” will include some of these elements!

    And the selfish side of me is glad that you will be back for regular blogging, AND we (I am sure I am not alone in this) love your personal posts so please share away!

    Let us know if you need any help!

    • Damn, I’m starting to think you know me way too well, my friend. 😉

      Yes, should be back to the regular blogging for a short time, then who knows? It might be catch-as-catch-can.

      Will do. Might be sending a request soon!

  6. Oh my gosh I’m so excited for you! You know that I think getting laid off can be one of life’s biggest blessings! Wow – the open road is ahead of you now. I cannot wait to see where you go and what you do. I look forward to the journal-based posts, and watching you on this journey. Seriously – EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE for you now. I have to make the joke: getting laid off may be the key to getting laid on. 😛 You may meet the woman of your dreams on your new trek! Woo hoo!

    • Well, I don’t know if it’s always a blessing. Lack of income, for me at least, makes me feel very disconcerted. Not an easy concept for me.

  7. Mel Heth is a perv.

    But, there’s truth to what she says about open roads and all that blather. I’m sure it’s disconcerting to you to have things turned upside down, and in the short term it might be painful. But, speaking from experience with this it can definitely change things for the better. I look forward to the next few weeks and seeing something a bit different from you. And, one of the benefits of losing the anonymity is that some of the folks who follow you on here may end up helping you chart a new course. After all, it’s 100% about who you know that opens the doors professionally.

    Best of luck!

    • Yes she is. Is it bad that I hope she’s right?

      Anonymity is always such a difficult thing: after all, only by becoming non-anonymous can I meet people. On the other hand, the fact that the web remembers everything forever makes me shy…

  8. Hey GH,

    As a very newbie to your blog I can’t offer much except to say that I really feel like I can relate to you in a raw introspective metacognitive sense. Completely aside from the details and content of our lives, I think we’re both trying to get to a place in our mind and emotions that is where we want to be, and we’re doing it through anonymous writing and nature. I understand the freedom of the anonymity, and since I’m just starting out on this path, I’m going to remain so (I started my blog as you suggested, but have decided to switch from blogger to wordpress or other, so I’ll let you know when it’s officially online). On the other hand, I think it’s great that you’re wanting to break out of the anonymity and meet some of the people to whom you’ve connected.

    Best wishes on your endeavors. I will remain anonymous while we continue with our blogs. 🙂

    Geekette Hiker

    • “Raw introspective metacognative sense”? Dude, you just blew my mind! 😉

      Joking aside, I’m glad you’re finding something to connect with here. I hope you do start your blog soon, and I’ll be sure to read it!

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. Can’t wait to read what you’ve written (I’m restraining myself from all the questions. . . ’cause you’ll be writing about all of this, right?)

    As for anonymity, I like that my birth name is separated from my online name—if someone runs a search on me, my blog won’t pop up—but I’ve loosened up a lot over time about folks knowing who I am. I first erected a wall of separation between my blog and me, but now I’m comfortable with a few degrees of separation.

    Anyway, if you’re ever in NYC. . . .

    • Uh… well, I hope that I end up answering all your questions!

      Yeah, I know how you feel. I’ve sorta struck a compromise: anonymous, but willing to meet people in the real world.

      Might just take you up on that.

  10. And you are doing this now that I’m just starting at mine because OF COURSE.

    Here’s a hug! I hope the next stage brings you joy, green, a warm breeze in your face and tranquility in your heart.

    I like the part about meeting people!

    • Sorry ’bout the timing. Got any vacation time coming up? 😉

      Thanks for your wishes on the next stage.

      Me too!

  11. WOW!! This is exciting 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your personal side!
    And Being let go from your job? Well that sucks, but it is probably going to end up at what my workmate keeps calling a ‘delta point’ When he says that he means the precipice of big positive, exciting change.

    He swears it’s a phrase that lots of people use, but I think he just made it up.

    In any case, You sound like you’re at your delta point.

    • Well, “delta v” refers to a change in velocity in aeronautics, and the symbol for delta represents change in any form, so maybe that’s where the term came from? Geez, I love wikipedia. 🙂

  12. Oh no, GH! I am sorry you were let go but it sounds like it has given you a push to make some changes. Good for you.

    • Dingo! Where the heck have you been?

  13. I’ll be watching your future with great interest!

    And thanks for breaking down your intertubes wall with me. You’re a good friend and always have a spare room to borrow if your near the Boy and I.

  14. A. I am not a perv. At least not in a creepy way.
    B. Hunner and I totally know what we’re talking about. Adventure awaits!

  15. I’ve been fired once and laid off once. Both were the best things that ever happened to me and led to the coolest adventures of my life. So there. I’m fucking happy for you dude. [clapping and whistling and some goddamn spirit fingers, too]

  16. Just thought I’d finally stop by and comment on your blog, as I’ve been reading for awhile (which sounds creepy? But perhaps not). I enjoy that you’re going through old posts and hope you find yourself moving forward to a better, more positive (maybe even more exciting) place, despite a probably sucky point at the moment. If you find yourself in Nashville, TN in your travels, let me know. There’s some good hiking and good beer around these parts and I’d be happy to treat you to a drink. Good luck and best wishes going forward! 🙂

  17. I leave the blogosphere for ten weeks and what happens? What!?! You get set free. All I have to say is watch out world, here he comes.

    Well, actually I have some more. If your feet ate better take my advise and go do the Camino. It’s amazing what 35 days of walking will do to mental clarity.

    Good luck with your future. I’ll be here waiting to see what happens.

    • Oh yeah. I kinda miss my old HD nickname too.

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