Posted by: GeekHiker | February 17, 2013

Redwoods Renewed

If you’ve never had a chance to hike beneath the Coast Redwoods of California, you’ve missed out on a singular experience.  The quiet majesty of that forest swallows you up only a few yards off the roadway, with the ancient giants (over 2,000+ years old, some of them) towering silently overhead.

Like we’ve treated so many of nature’s resources, they were ruthlessly logged a century ago, with only a few stands of the old-growth left.  But efforts are underway to restore them, as seen in this news story I saw online last week.  With a bit of luck, the generation of trees being planted by this group will far outlive the effort being put in today.

Click the image to view the video in a new window.

Click the image to view the video in a new window.



  1. This, I want to see someday.

    • Add it to the ‘ol bucket list! Personally, I prefer the Coast Redwoods, but the Sequioas in the Sierra Nevada are a little easier to get to…

  2. That is rad. I’m so glad someone is doing it! I haven’t been to Redwood National Park in about 15 years, but I loved it when I went. Mr. W and I just went to a botanical garden in BC and were talking about how we’d like to plant some redwoods at the new house. I guess we should be careful, though. If they grew 40 stories, they might block our nice view of the mountains. 🙂

    • I wish your Redwoods the best of luck! It might be a bit dry for them where you live…

  3. I’ve never been to Redwood national forest but I have been to Sequoia so I’ve had at least a taste. The redwoods are always awe inspiring. Who knows, if medical science gets their act together we might actually see those trees grow up.

    • You would love Redwood National Park! As for us being 2,000 years old, eh, I’m not sure I can handle going through that many more elections!

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