Posted by: GeekHiker | February 21, 2013

Meet Fred

Meet Fred.  Poor Fred.

Meet Fred

Fred apparently wandered away from camp one night in the mountains.  Now Fred is being chased by a wolf.  Which is the perfect time to… learn about all the amazing ways that our bodies work in life-threatening situations!

This is a fun little flash game from the Museum of Science+Industry in Chicago.  You’ll help Fred out on his harrowing little run (and the poor guy does suffer quite a bit), while learning all sorts of interesting things about how the body works.

Meet Fred.  Poor Fred.(Click image to play the game.)

Meet Fred. Poor Fred.
(Click image to play the game.)

As a disclaimer: I’ve spent a lot of nights camping in the deep, dark woods, and nothing like this has ever happened.  Generally speaking, you’re probably safer in the woods than in the city.  So remember: wolf chases are the stuff of movies and fun educational flash games!



  1. Thanks, Just what I need …. another way to waste time.

    • You’re welcome, my friend. 🙂

  2. What?! AWESOME!!

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