Posted by: GeekHiker | June 25, 2007

The blog thus far…

So here it is, that long personal post that you’ve all been waiting for.  Unless, of course you haven’t, in which case, uh, just wait for the next hiking post, m’kay?

I’m sitting in the mountains, typing this on a laptop.  It’s quiet here, except for the wind blowing through the trees.  It’s an amazing thing, sitting in a pine forest, listening to the birds chirp, and thinking “8 million people and Los Angeles is only 10 miles away as the crow flies”.  I’ve lived here for 10 years, and it still blows my mind.

It’s breezier than I would like, blowing stuff around a bit too much, but what are you going to do?  Mother Nature will do whatever she wants.

Why, though, do the flies always feel the need to fly into your ears?  What is so fascinating to a fly about a person’s ears?

I knew I needed to get out today, away from the city, the people, all of it.  So I threw a picnic lunch, my portable table and chair, and my laptop into the little truck and headed up Highway 2.  Up the road, past the restaurant, turning down a little known Forest Service road, past a trailhead I’ve used many times and further down the dirt road to a little spot I know under the trees.  And here I am.

(Just as a side note, I’d like to say, on days like this, I love my truck.  Yes, I wish it got better gas mileage (especially as an outdoorsy kind of person), and that I’d trade it for a hybrid truck in a heartbeat.  But today I turned off the radio, listened to the engine work effortlessly taking it up the hill (after years of pushing an old 4-cyclinder corolla up these hills, it’s a lovely sound), knowing I didn’t have to worry about the road condition at my destination (which, by the way, was not passenger car driveable) because, hey, I drive a truck.  I worked hard and saved for a long time for it, and it is very, very cool.  Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Last night I skimmed through this blog, thinking about where it is now, and where I might want it to go.  I’ve become entirely too shy in the last couple of months, and I’ve got to stop that.  Only two people in the “real world” actually know of this blog anyway, so I think I can be as free as I wish.  Heck, they already know most, though certainly not all, of my deep dark secrets already.

And now, approaching the six month mark for 2007, to say the year thus far has been interesting would most certainly be an understatement.

So far this year I’ve watched a four year relationship end, the slow (glacially slow) expansion of my social circle, and my throwing myself out onto the web.

The web has been an interesting experience.  I’ve met some very interesting people, found a way to keep a journal, and discovered new things about myself.  It’s been far more than I was expecting, especially given that prior to this I pretty much just looked at the web as another system to maintain at work.  Seriously, as long as the PIX was up, I kinda didn’t care.

What I haven’t entirely touched upon of late though is how my life sort of got thrown into a blender.  I’ve mentioned certain things: the selling of my parent’s house; the girl (I thought) I fell for (but I was wrong, and it’s a good discovery as it turns out; more on that in a later post); the drive that showed me what I already knew (my state is being turned into one giant suburb), but served to clarify it’s speed; the new neighbor and his girlfriend’s yappy little dogs that keep me up at night.

All of these things have happened in merely the last six weeks or so.  And to be honest, I think I got a bit overwhelmed by it all, and wasn’t able to process any of the individual things clearly or correctly.  I made mistakes… no, more misjudgments, I think.

Dammit, I guess I’m not perfect after all. 😉

And looking a couple of paragraphs back, that really is a bit much in a short period of time.  Hell, if I’d lost my job, my head probably would have exploded.  Or maybe imploded.  Whatever.

So why is it that, as I sit here, I’m finding myself feeling pretty mellow?  Happy, even?

For one thing, despite the need to get away from my 8 million neighbors today, I was really quite social yesterday.  Events came up on the calendar that had been booked weeks ago, but in one of those odd things the universe sometimes does, they appeared Saturday, just as I needed them.

First there was a hike social walk.  It was in the heart of the city, it was hot as hell, and there were (sadly) no cute women to flirt with.  I did meet a guy from Texas who just moved to town (having not enjoyed the rather conservative Texas), who wants to start a group for car-camping.  I’m lousy at organization, but having traveled up and down this state, I know a lot of good places to go.  It might be a nice balance between my day hiking group and my backpacking group.  We shall see what becomes of it.

The evening was spent at the beach for a theme party.  I had fun, I was welcomed by the group, I was provided with copious quantities of alcohol.  Heh.  We drank, we ate (well), we played some crazy Frisbee where I nearly tore out my knees (they’re still sore today), we swam in the ocean (where I forgot to take out my wallet, the contents of which are currently drying all over my kitchen counter).

I talked to one of the group leaders, proposed leading a hike next weekend, something I’ve never done before.  They responded with “great idea!” and much encouragement, buoying me immensely.  And, just for giggles, I flirted with a 25 year-old.  She’s too young and immature and nothing will come of it, but what the hell, we were both tipsy and it was fun.

And I had an epiphany, right there, on the beach.  More on that soon.  A whole big separate post, in fact.

But the point, ahead of the post, is that that epiphany made everything of the last few weeks clear *snap* in an instant.  I don’t have those moments too often, but when they come… wow.

So now I sit here, the day after, happily typing in the mountains, listening to the wind sing through the trees.  Life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good.

Now, I just have to remember to blog it more often.



  1. woohoo!! Great entry!! 🙂

  2. Glad you’re mellow and happy and things are going smoothly! Sounds like was a great Saturday (sorry about the wallet though!)

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