Posted by: GeekHiker | July 17, 2008

Little Things

(Prepping for a trip out of town tonight… hope you all don’t write too much whilst I’m gone this weekend!  I’m such a slow reader…)

Ever notice sometimes it’s just one, unexpected thing that can turn around your week?

Work this week has been crazy weird, marked by people doing any number of silly/stupid/brainless things.  Me and my fellow “clique” (and aren’t there clique’s at every job?) have been grumbling amongst ourselves at the insanity all week.

I was grumbling even more when I had to go to my re-scheduled dental cleaning this morning.  Rescheduled for seven-freaking-a.m.  With a new hygienist I’d never seen before.

The new hygienist?  Turns out to be the best I’ve ever had in my near-thirty-five year existence.  Nice, gentle (but gets the job done), with no talking-down or guilt trips about not flossing too much.  None of that “well, if you brushed and flossed for twenty-seven hours a day like we recommend, poking this sharp metal spike into your gums wouldn’t hurt a bit” crap either.

I made damn sure my next appointment for January was with her.

And the result?  Work went just that much smoother today…



  1. Can you get me an appointment with your hygienist? Since I’m coming out there anyway to clean your desk….I might as well do some multitasking!

    I’m jus’ sayin’.


  2. I can’t book with a specific hygienist.
    We are hard done by.

  3. It seems to be luck of the draw as to which hygienist I get on a particular visit. Sometimes the gods are smiling and I get a good one, and sometimes not so lucky.

    It took me just over 40 years to finally get in the habit, but I now floss every day! My mom would be so proud! I think she’d given up hope of that ever happening!

  4. just so you know, i LOVE the dentist. mmm.

    and it is in the little things. sometimes my day all has to do with how organized my desk space is. weird, yes.

  5. I don’t know why hygienists think that somehow people’s habits are magically going to change as adults. I am in equal awe of the fact that no matter how much I floss the hygienist always manages to make me bleed when he’s doing it. Ow.

  6. Wait, a magical hygienist who not only goes easy on your gums but actually makes your day better at work?! Did you find a magic lamp somewhere?

  7. Okay now you need to give us your dentist and hygenists contact info! Please?

  8. Thought you were talking about your readers when you mentioned your “clique”. Lol. Was your new hygienist interesting?

  9. I had a great dentist in Oxnard … Now I have to go through the hell of breaking in a new dentist. Oh Joy. Hope I’m as lucky as you.

  10. Its tough for me to get past staring up their nostrils for 45 minutes to even realize they are being gentle. Blech.

  11. Can I also start seeing this hygenist? The new one at my dentist’s last month made me want to curl up in a fetal position and cry for a week. And I floss!

  12. Ms. H – Let me know when you’re coming out and I’ll see what I can do… 😉

    Just a Girl – That sucks!

    George – It has been that way, but now that I’ve found a good one, I’m definitely asking for her by name!

    Kristin – That’s, uh, a bit odd! LOL On the other hand, I do understand the boost one gets from an organized desk…

    Rachel – I agree, but it’s any specialty. The dentist wants you to do certain things, the doctor other things, the accountant still more things. Heck, if I did everything every specialist I’ve ever seen told me, I’d have no life at all!

    Mel Heth – Amazing isn’t it? Nope. You know me better than that; if I had found one, there are a heck of a lot of things higher on the list!

    Desireenb – I suppose so, but I don’t know if you live nearby…

    Gany – Are all of you my new “clique”? Hee hee hee. Interesting, yes, but also fast, which is a plus.

    Homer-Dog – believe me, my friend, I don’t envy you…

    Backpackermomma – I usually have my eyes closed… wincing from the pain…

    Ruby – Sure, we’ll make it group event! Ugh, time for a new one!

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