Posted by: GeekHiker | September 26, 2008

Friday Sillyness – Fail Style

Last week I wrote about a feeling of epic fail.

Now, I’m not gonna say that feeling has entirely gone away, but there’s nothing that says I can’t have some fun with it while I’m feeling this way.

As such, I present to you, from the makers of the amazing GraphJam, the FailBlog.

Some of my favorites:

People Failures:

see more pwn and owned pictures

Animal Failures:

see more pwn and owned pictures

Painting Failures:

see more pwn and owned pictures

Design Failures:

see more pwn and owned pictures

Access Failures:

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Fitness Failures:

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Spelling Failures:

see more pwn and owned pictures

And Highway Failures:

fail owned pwnd pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Not all are funny, some are obvious fakes, and a number are definitely not for the kiddies.

But as a time waster, it’s pretty darn good.



  1. LOL – love it! It gave me a laugh! The dog and cat thing, did you sneak into my house and take a pic of my animals? That’s how they are!

  2. ha ha ha, my gym has an escalator and an elevator too – never understood that

  3. Oh man… I love FAIL pictures (I made one of myself this morning with the Iced Tea Incident) but GraphJam… /sigh. GraphJam holds a special place in my heart. (Recent favorite: Countries Destroyed by the LHC)

  4. The spelling failure one is my favorite!

  5. love it!

  6. Hahahaha I love the gym one! Mine has an elevator too!

  7. The sad thing about that 1st one – she took a 50-50 and still couldn’t overcome her mental failing.

  8. haha, nice. i really love these fail things. have a good weekend GH!

  9. These are great. It’s scary how dumb life can be sometimes…

  10. I’m totally addicted to FAILblog. (and LOLcats, and LOLdogs… and Engrish…I know, I know)

    Have you seen the Identification Fail one? I cried with this one.

    But most importantly, have you seen the Conspiracy Fail video? You need to if you haven’t.

  11. Love FAILblog. Was turned onto it by Wiggles and that is probably the only decent thing to come out of that dating misadventure!

  12. Dobegil – Glad to give you a new site to visit!

    Charlotte – LOL – mine too!

    Brittanyruth – GraphJam is the best, isn’t it?

    Dingo – I rather liked that one myself

    Rachel – Cool!

    Ruby – LOL

    Homer-Dog – I know!

    Seine – Thanks!

    MelHeth – It sure is…

    Narami – Heh, they’re all good.

    Moshizzle – Excellent!

  13. That backwards b is always a favorite of mine!!!

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