Posted by: GeekHiker | September 28, 2008

Caught In A Musical Moment

I’ve mentioned before my feelings about music. The idea that, while I like music, it’s not something my life revolves around. My CD collection, such as it is, is rather small.

So music isn’t one of the things I turn to when I’m feeling down. Or in whatever mood I happen to be in for that matter. Part of this, I think, is that I don’t listen to a song, even one that makes me feel great, and have that feeling last.

Still, Saturday I was doing some work at the computer and needed some music to listen to. I wandered over to the shelf and happened to pull off some Peter Gabriel. Specifically the “Plays Live” album from ’83.

The last song on disc 1 is “I Go Swimming”. The version below pales in comparison to listening to it off the CD (and if you take a listen, I suggest just closing your eyes and letting the music wash over you), but it’s the best I could find:

I’m not gonna say that it changes my life or puts a spring into my step for the entire day, but somewhere around the three minute mark I get taken away by the song. I start singing along (helped, no doubt, by the simplicity of a chorus made up of only a few words). And I’m not a sing-along kinda guy.

For those last couple of minutes, I don’t think about anything else. I get swept into the whole thing, singing aloud, bopping in the chair, and being genuinely in the moment. For those who know me, and know my propensity for over-thinking, it’s well-known that that kind of thing rarely happens.

And, for those brief minutes, what an incredible relief that is.



  1. Not that you were soliciting suggestions but I recommend The Hush Sound for sing-a-long stuff. “Hurricane” is beautiful and mellow… “Not Your Concern” is good as well.

  2. I LOVE this about music. I love its power to remove you from whatever your doing – or to simply move you. There are times I’m listening to U2 and I think my heart is going to jump out of my chest. Have you ever seen Peter Gabriel live? AMAZING.

  3. Music is often my escape. I just let myself get lost in the music and let the irritating world around me fade away. I’m glad you could find that special place even if it was only temporary.

  4. I don’t listen to music unless I’m driving or dancing but I do often have tunes looping continuously in my brain.

  5. I listen to music constantly, and I adore being able to lose myself in it. I have been caught, on several occasions, dancing along to the music on my headphones in public places. Yeah…I’m a dork. But music moves me (sometimes quite literally) and can change my mood. I am one of those people who have an internal soundtrack, and when certain songs play I am immediately taken back to specific moments in my life. It’s both wonderful and painful. But I wouldn’t trade it.

    p.s. LOVE that song!

  6. Ahhh….just how I feel about Crush (Dave Matthews Band) and The Blower’s Daughter (Damien Rice)

  7. Its been a while. I am happy to see Shadow Lake at the top of your blog, although was hoping to see more pics… you’ve been busy. Glad you are feeling more upbeat and sharing fun music with all of us. So fun! You are brightening my day and I definitely can use it today

  8. There’s almost always music on at Casa Dingo. Music is definitely has a mood altering effect on me. Like Rachel, I have an internal soundtrack. Unfortunately for Mr. Dingo, I often have an external soundtrack as well.

  9. Of course I’ve been reading. I’ve been busy to think of something interesting to say. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of music, and of Peter Gabriel. Have you heard his Arcadia stuff? So worth it.

  10. BrittanyRuth – I’ll have to check them out…

    Mel Heth – I have, a few years ago from the nosebleed seats at Staples.

    Homer-Dog – It can have that lovely effect.

    Moshizzle – I often have the tunes looping in my head too!

    Rachel – I never seem to remember the right songs to listen to when I need them, unfortunately. Glad to find another fan of the song, though!

    TheCoconutDiaries – Cool, two more to check out!

    Aly – I don’t know that I’ll ever write that post…

    Dingo – LOL – I’m sure Mr. Dingo appreciates it…

    CripKitty – No, I haven’t heard the Arcadia stuff…

  11. I think I was at the same show!

  12. I fixate on songs all the time. I might love an entire album but there is almost always a song that grabs me a little more. With that one I hit repeat and listen for ages.

    I try not to do the melancholy music with the matching mood as I can be a wee bit dark…

    No, really. 😉

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