Posted by: GeekHiker | September 30, 2008

Now, This Would Be Cool

I haven’t attended Fleet Week in San Francisco since, well, since I moved to Los Angeles oh those many years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cool. I remember watching once from the south pier of the Golden Gate Bridge as the Blue Angels flew back and forth across the bay and under the bridge itself.

Very cool, yes, but it never occurs to me to make a return trip to SF to see it. Go figure.

Now, on the other hand, if it were Imperial Fleet Week, well, that might be something else altogether…



  1. That would be an INCREDIBLE sight to behold! I clearly remember the GGB from my half-marathon several years ago. Impressive. And to see it with all the ships? Wow.


    Thanks, GH. Now I wanna go!


  2. Oh, it’s like when the ships hovered above the cities in “Independence Day”. I think I’d be very interested in attending Queen Amadala’s fashion symposium that week.

  3. I thought, “Imperial Fleet Week? I’ve never heard of it.” After watching the video, now I know why.

    I have seen Fleet Week here in NYC. I love watching the ships go down the river with all the Navy in their dress whites.

  4. I have wanted to go to Fleet Week since we moved back to Nevada. I’ve never seen the Blue Angels fly in person. SF is a great place to see them fly for the first time.

    Being a native Las Vegan, I have seen the Thunderbirds fly all the time. They are still close to my heart, however, the Blue Angels are really impressive, since they usually fly older planes.

  5. Oh, saw that vid a couple of weeks ago, it is awesome xoD I thought it was very well done too.

  6. Okay, after watching the video, it completely makes sense why I had never heard of Imperial Fleet week before. And I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have watched this before going to bed… I suspect there may be some nightmares in my future involving large metal ships hovering above me.

  7. I think my geek quotient may have gone up a point after watching that. 😛

  8. Ms. H – It would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Time to plan a vacation.

    TheCoconutDiaries – LOL

    Dingo – Heh, glad I fooled ya!

    Dobegil – I never remember far enough ahead of time to book the airline tickets!

    Narami – It is very impressive. Who knew when the films were made people would be doing that on computers at home?

    Brandy – Hope the nightmares weren’t too bad…

    Mel Heth – Congratulations!

  9. LOL, I have the same problem. I remember that weekend.

  10. Good times. Looks pretty incredible… please tell me it can be real.

  11. Now that was one bored geek!

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