Posted by: GeekHiker | November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Over the weekend I talked to the Parentage and the “formal” decision was made: unlike last year they won’t be coming down, electing instead to stay up north near my Grandmother.

At least there’s some good news on that front. Grandma saw a psychiatrist who determined she has delusional disorder and sundown syndrome rather than full-on dementia. The differences are subtle, but at least it allows her meds to be better tailored to her condition.

She refuses to take ’em, of course. So they just sneak it into her food.

The upshot of not knowing exactly what was going on until the last minute made it a bit late to fly or reserve rooms for anything less than a federal bailout. And so it is that they’ll stay up north and I’ll be solo this year.

I’ve got kind of mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’ll miss having my parents around for the holiday. Even though my small home can be a bit claustrophobic with three people (all the more so if it’s still raining on Thursday), it’s always nice to see the family.

On the other hand… I can’t deny that it’s nice not to have to spend days cleaning like mad. Trying to make the place presentable, the kitchen spotless (I mean, I already keep a clean kitchen, but it’s my Mom) and, of course, be darn conversational.

So, in a weird way, it’s a little bit of a relief to have a few days off with no real plans.

Not to say that there isn’t that little nag in the back of my brain about spending the holiday alone, that despite the mini Thanksgiving dinner planned, the movies from NetFlix on the way, and ideas for hikes mulling about in my brain. So if anyone wants to make me feel gosh darn popular with an e-mail on Thursday, by all means go right ahead. 🙂

And don’t worry. Christmas plans with family and The Best Friend are already in the works.



  1. That’s good news about your grandmother…I’m sure your family is relieved to have a little more information.

    I can totally understand the excitement over not having to clean. I cleaned quite a bit, but didn’t even come close to getting it spotless. But I blame that on my mom. She had told me, “If you don’t get all the cleaning done, I’ll help you with it.” So yesterday while I was at work she cleaned like crazy!

    And she’s already at it this morning.

    But really, who am I to deprive her of something she realllllllllllly wants to do? I mean, that would be cruel and heartless of me. Don’t you agree? *innocently bats eyelashes*

  2. I leave today to visit my family in Orange County for the holiday so I have the exact opposite problem as you–I am fearful of having to make conversation, be entertaining and charming, for 4 straight days. Yikes!

    As the mom of my BFF says: The grass is greener on the other side, but it still has to get mowed.

    If I don’t make it to a computer because I entertaining my kid cousins with Dance Dance Revolution, High School Musical, and Dora the Explorer- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  3. My Mom used to be my big cleaning motivator. Now it’s the Wife and her family.

  4. “it’s always nice to see the family” does not compute. I am dreading the visit home in December and am counting the days that I don’t have to spend with my mother because she will be in a different country. Fortunately, I will be spending the entire time (and flying around) with my dad. Family visits are not highly anticipated.

  5. Awww, grandma’s and meds… 🙂

    No cleaning and you get the pie to youself. *bliss*

    Happy turkey day my friend.

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