Posted by: GeekHiker | December 5, 2008

Friday Sillyness

(Okay, this one is just a bit risqué…)

So, if I ever end up with a gift certificate to eHarmony (you gotta admit, it’s a bit pricy), at least now I know how NOT to answer question 14…

more fail, owned and pwned pics and videos

Happy Friday.



  1. Ahaha! I really think it’s a legitimate response. Well, maybe not legit, but something Grey would definitely say. Perhaps that’s why we’re both still single….

  2. Gufawful!

  3. Love this! I always wondered how people were denied an account on these dating services. And I’m with Mrs. Chuck…it’s a legit answer and I know it would cross the minds of all my guy friends, lol.

  4. I guess I feel good in knowing the eHarmony people are protecting your delicate sensibilities, virginity, and overall purity.

  5. Thanks for the out-loud chuckle.

  6. LOL. Nice. Sad thing is, I can totally think of someone I know that would answer that question like that. 😀

  7. Ahhh– reminds me of my favorite Bloodhound Gang song. Here’s a YouTube video with the song as the sound track:

    My favorite line:
    Women are like dog doo, hear me through, don’t interrupt.
    It’s just the older they are, the easier they get to pick up.

    I can confirm that statement is true from the dog doo side.

  8. LOL, I can’t believe I read that:)

  9. And that is why I:

    1) Have lost faith in most men.

    2) Am so over online dating, because those are the types of men I managed to attract. The ones that gave answers like those.

    Seriously, where are the nice ones? And why haven’t they found me?

  10. Hee, hee! You know what’s scary? Someone thought that was an appropriate answer. You know what’s scarier? Someone would actually answer that ad!

  11. HA!

  12. BWAH HA HA!

    I love that 😀

    But I don’t want to date him. 😛

  13. Mrs Chuck Bartowski – You mean you and me or you and Grey?

    Homer-Dog – Heh

    Anya – I never said it didn’t cross my mind…

    TheCoconutDiaries – Wouldn’t it be protecting the sensitivities of my potential mates?

    Kori – Welcome

    Wendy – You mean other than me, with my tongue firmly planted in cheek?

    TGAW – *snicker*

    Gany – *grin*

    EastCoastTeacher – Um, hello? *waves*

    Dingo – I’d be afraid to see the woman who answered the ad!

    DezertLamb – 🙂

    Just A Girl – No? Can’t imagine why…

  14. If I were available I’d be in ther like a dirty shirt.

    But you knew that. 😛

  15. Well, perhaps now you mention it, all three of us? Dude, why is it snowing on your website? It’s not cold enough here that you have to taunt me that it’s not snowing in Cali? Brrrr-freakin’-rrr!

  16. Just A Girl – *snort*

    Mrs. Chuck Bartowski – Hah! It snows because WordPress is cool…

  17. That sounds like something a guy would’ve straight up put on his profile…maybe as his intro line. I’m glad to see the debauchery spreads to eHarmony, as well.

    I could’ve sworn I checked your site Thursday and Friday and it sure didn’t look like this!! Very festive!

  18. well, at least he was being honest. kind of refreshing, no?

    and that site is hysterical. i think today will be another day of little work done.

  19. hahahaaa!!! xoDD

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