Posted by: GeekHiker | September 3, 2009

Orange Moon

As I write this, the moon outside my window has risen, and it’s deep orange color.

That’s from the smoke, which has been flowing over the LA basin for the last couple of days.

As I write this, the fire is only about 38% contained.  239 square miles have burned, and it’s still advancing on the east and west sides.  It will still be a long time until it’s over.

But the more troubling thing to me right now is the news reports this evening that investigators have determined the cause to be arson.

I feel a little sick.

That means that the deaths of those two firefighters has turned into a homicide investigation as well.  As it should be.

Staring at the fire maps, I’m seeing the fire expand over trails I’ve written up here.

Strawberry PeakBear CanyonSwitzer FallsSan Gabriel Peak & Mt. Disappointment. It may even burn as far as Mt. Waterman.

The Observatory was saved, but residences of CalTrans workers were lost.

It’s now the largest fire in LA history.

I know fire is healthy for the forest, but this is pretty insane.



  1. I felt a bit queasy too when I read that it was really arson. Why oh why are human beings sometimes so… sickening? RIP to all the lives lost in the fire, humans, animals, and trees…

    Be safe this weekend — hope you will be far far away from the fire area!

  2. It makes me sick to think about too. Particularly if they don’t catch the person in time to prevent any other incidents this fall.

    It’s so bizarre to look at the mountains now. They’re so bald and grey and sad. Even more so when you look south of the 210 and see greenery covering those mountains.

    It’s also scary to think about the possibility of mudslides this winter. I really hope they catch the person who did this.

  3. I am rapidly losing faith in my fellow man.

  4. i don’t even know what to say…

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