Posted by: GeekHiker | April 7, 2010

Competing Theories – Follow-up

First, can I just say?  All of your responses to the last postAwesome!

I’m honestly not surprised everyone’s opinions were all over the place; it was that way with my co-workers as well.  Whatever her actual thoughts were, it did make for some interesting thoughts and discussion on what motivates people, don’t you think?

The thing that had surprised me about the whole encounter was how she gave me her information.  After informing me of her status and my “okay” response, she was surprisingly quick and eager to hand it over.  That’s what caught me off guard, sparked my intellectual curiosity and, hence, the discussion.

Still, while it all made for some fascinating conversation, not to worry: I’m not the type to try to steal away somebody’s girlfriend!  Nothing but bad juju there, ya know?

In point of fact, though, I did e-mail her on Monday, in a strictly friendship capacity.  Gmail hasn’t bounced it yet, so I assume I read her handwriting correctly.

At this point, there’s been no response, which pretty much answers that quandary, eh?

But if I see her around town, don’t worry, I’ll say hello.  Can always use a new friend.  🙂


  1. Well, it’s only Wed. I have OCD when it comes to email checking, but lots of people don’t check their emails that often. Give it a week before you jump to conclusions. Or maybe she is busy and doesn’t know quite what to write back so she is waiting to construct a meaningful email (e.g., my checking emails 30 times a day doesn’t mean that I will respond to every email the moment I read it — sometimes I wait a few days or more coz I don’t know how to respond).

    But whatever the reason, thanks for sharing! Go to the library again (not to see her, but hey, there is plenty of fish in the pond…)? 😉

  2. Time will tell. I like your attitude.

  3. Exactly what K and H-Dog said!

    ‘Sides, I got some good juju for you over here 😉

  4. Glad you are patient GH. When you use email so often in a work capacity, it only takes me a few hours that I’ll be calling up people on their cell phones and tell them they are too slow to respond to emails, LOL. Personal emails, I think it does take the right moment to respond in initial conversations, if you move onto texting, just dont text people after midnight!!!! 🙂

  5. K – Thing is, after I sent the e-mail, I really haven’t cared if she responds or not. I mean, if she does, great, but if not, I’m not gonna sweat it. Unfortunately, my library is mostly older folks and kids… not many in our age group hang out there!

    Homer-Dog – Thanks, man.

    MissMcCracken – Aw, shucks…

    Ruth – I think I would be if I were desperate for her response but, in this case, I’m pretty indifferent!

  6. I admit I’m bad about responding to emails. I once waited about a month to reply to a guy friend that I’d met at a party and thought was really interesting. He sent me a followup email like a month later with a joke and that reminded me. I really did want to talk to him and so appreciated that he didn’t take it as a blowoff.

    My inbox is routinely swamped and if I want to send a thoughtful reply, I usually say “oh lemme get to this later” but even a day or two later its so buried under email that I don’t even see it. And thus forget.

    So, if I were you, I’d send a joke if you don’t hear from her in a couple weeks. That way she doesn’t have an obligation to respond, but it’s a way of staying lightly in touch.

    (If you need a joke, I have some funny stuff on my joke blog: …)

    Anyway, so that guy and I are now friends. I’m just a crappy email pal, is all, it wasn’t him.

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