Posted by: GeekHiker | April 7, 2011

A Favorite Moment

I had the best moment at the bar in the past few months last week…

Wait, before I say what that was, I should point out that one of the pubs I frequent with my friends (though not all that frequently lately, given our busy schedules) often plays music over the sound system, with the associated music videos on the monitors.  So, a few weeks ago when…

Wait, before I say what song played I should point out that the song before the song was Rod Stewart’s “Downtown Train”.  This produced much razzing by us on Rod’s tight jeans, Rod’s scarf, Rod’s impressive late-80’s mullet and, well, Rod being Rod.

But it was the next video that played that had the best moment.  Rright on the heels of Rod came Genesis’ “I Can’t Dance” video.  Phil Collins’ hamming it up is rather the perfect corollary to Rod’s video, full of self-deprecation and distinctively tongue-in-cheek humor.

What really made that moment in time shine, though, was the fact that everyone in the bar started singing along.




  1. Love it when the bar starts to sing along!!! Both these fellas make me a bit twitchy though!

  2. Is this bar in a parallel universe? It amazes me that a Genesis video would come on in the first place (I haven’t seen that one in like 20 years!). But add in that everyone would sing to it. Seriously astounding. I’m picturing the bar in Star Wars right now…

  3. Love 80’s music but detest Phil Collins with a passion. Must of been fun. Haven’t been to a bar in many months.

  4. Dating … yourself.

  5. Ah! I love that song! It’s super fun to sing along to!

  6. What, are you going to turn into one of those “let’s go to an 80’s Night Dance!!” guy? Is your next best moment going to be a Grease sing-along? LOL

  7. Was there a Journey song after that?

  8. MissMcCracken – Twitchy? Really?

    MelHeth – Heh, maybe I just know the cool places in town. 😉

    Diem – Phil Collins? “Detest?” I mean, I know some people who don’t like his music, but that seems so strong!

    Bruce H – Didn’t we cover that two posts back?

    LeafProbably – I’d forgotten how much I liked that song, actually…

    SkyBlueStateOfMind – Me? Dancing? I don’t think so…

    AbsurdBeats – Maybe…I honestly don’t remember!

  9. GH.. I really really DISLIKE Phil Collins. This morning as i was feeding my kids and listening to Disney Music on Pandora, Phil came on with “you’ll be in my heart.” I tried really hard to listen through the whole song, but didn’t suceed.

  10. hmm, i thought i remembered every cheesy ’80s song but can’t think of how this genesis song goes (probably a good thing). can i say i hate rod stewart? ron russo and i have a rod stewart bet whenever we eat at a restaurant that plays “light” music. he bets a rod song will play and i bet it doesn’t. he usually loses 🙂

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