Posted by: GeekHiker | April 12, 2011

That’s My Luck

“How are you, tonight?” I asked the trainer who was manning the front desk at my gym at the end of my workout.

“I’m good!  How are you?”

“Good, good.  Actually,” I mused, “I’m wondering if that cute girl you were talking to was single…”  I chuckled at my own audacity.

“Which one?

“The one with the glasses, working with the other trainer while I was working out.”

“Oh, her,” she replied with a smile, “I don’t know.  She’s not a member, actually.”

“Ohhhhh,” I said, nodding.

“She works in the building, though.  She was here for the contest we were doing.”

I perked up.  “Oh, really?”

“Yeah,” she said with a smile, “but today was the last day.”

I laughed.  “Yeah,” I said through a smile, “that’s my luck.”

The trainer tried to save the situation.  “She said if we do it again, she’d love to participate…”

I crossed my arms, feigning seriousness.  “So, run it again already!”

The trainer smiled.  “I’ll see what I can do.”

Bad timing, once again.  Yep, that’s my luck.



  1. You know where she works. Start knocking on doors.

  2. That might be your luck, but with your proactive attitude, you’re creating something better than luck and eventually there will be a better answer! I’m impressed with you going for it. I’d be too shy to ask about a guy I thought was cute.

  3. Okay, there are two issues here:

    1) She works IN THE BUILDING!!! Your trainer’s gotta have some kind of contact information on her since she was a contest participant (what contest, may I ask?). Why not give your trainer YOUR phone number, and ask her to be the matchmaker? That girl can always say no, and there won’t be awkwardness since you don’t work out in the same gym.

    2) Your trainer is a SHE too! What, she is not cute enough for you?! (feigning indignation) 😉

    Well, keep us posted! I would never have the courage to ask about a cute guy that caught my eye. Good for you!

  4. Cutest thing I’ve read. And dude, at least you know she works IN THE BUILDING. Can’t be easier than that.

  5. Wait a moment, I don’t work in that building. 😉 just teasing. I love skyblue’s comment. I think giving your number to the woman who knows her is genius!

    And look at you being all in charge of your own romantic destiny.A man in charge of his own destiny is pretty H-O-T. Way to go!

  6. I’m going to put some of my magic good juju vibes out for you – at least you came close! Makes me want to say “you’re geeetting warmer – warmer – warmer – hot!” Keep thinking good thoughts and maybe she’ll appear in your path again.

  7. Hmmm… Would it be creepy to loiter outside the building at 5pm every day? Maybe? Unless you do it while holding a sign that says “I’m not stalking you, I just want your phone number.”

    Yes, that wouldn’t be creepy at all. Do that! Ah romantic!

  8. dude, if that’s audacity then you need to be audacious (sp?) more often. and go with skyblue’s advice 🙂

  9. Go get her!!! Don’t think of yourself as a stalker, think of yourself as being motivated 😉

  10. Yes, yes, to everyone else telling you to find her! Go! Go now!

  11. Hey all – sooooo, see my comment to Bruce, but I hate to break everyone’s hearts…

    Bruce – Well, sorta. See, my gym isn’t at my small office building. It’s actually in an office complex near my home…one that consists of multiple 20 story buildings. That’s a lot of doors to knock on, and after work no less. Kinda crosses the line to stalkerific, you know?

    MJ – welcome to the blog! Well, if she returns, I’ll definitely pursue it!

    SkyBlueStateOfMind – See what I said to Bruce above. And the trainer I was talking to is also the manager. She was willing to give me the girl’s name, but nothing more. As for the trainer, she’s not my type. Trust me.

    Narami – Ahem, buildingS!

    MissMcCracken – LOL, oh, if only I knew how to take charge of my own destiny!

    MelHeth – Thanks for the good juju. Who knows, maybe the manager will do the program again…

    LeafProbably – Heh, which building?

    BlakSpring – Yeah, I know, I do…

    Peggy Archer – So, one woman’s stalker is another woman’s “motivated”?

    AbsurdBeats – LOL, thanks for the encouragement at least!

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