Posted by: GeekHiker | September 3, 2010

Friday Sillyness: Now With More Pun!

No, this isn’t heralding my return to regular blogging, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this one.

After all I have, before, shared my love of GraphJam

And my love of the FailBlog

And y’all might just remember how excited I was about Indiana Jones 4 a couple of years back (namely, here and here)…

And you’re probably aware of my sense of humor…

So, really, this is just the ultimate culmination of all those parts of me put together in one neat little picture, via the site So Much Pun:

funny puns - Most of them, really.
see more So Much Pun

I only wish I had thought of it myself…



  1. That is hysterical and distrubing at the same time. I want to guffaw and then throw up in your hat.

    Just the PICTURE of this scene makes me feel all jiggly inside.

    Snake soooo-prrrizze!

  2. Yes, but what would you do for a Klondike Bar? Would you eat a rhesus for a Klondike Bar?

  3. Oh, that’s bad. . . .

  4. yeeeeeeeech! :O

  5. Haha gross! Totally made me laugh out loud at my desk, though. 🙂

  6. “I hate snakes”

    do u have FB?

  7. TheCoconutDiaries – Wait, why MY hat?

    Homer-Dog – LOL

    AbsurdBeats – I do love a good pun

    MissMcCracken – You should have seen the soup…

    MelHeth – And what are you doing checking blogs on work hours, hm?

    Hannah – Every hero needs a fear, eh? No time for FB anymore…

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